Why you should join to our team!

Working with the princeplse of Shariah

We are committed to uphold the principles of sharia in all aspects of our work. This means that we strive to follow the guidelines and knowledge of Islamic law in our business practices, including our financial transactions, relationships with clients and partners, and interactions with the broader community. 

Innovative thinking

We encourage a culture of innovation and value the ideas of all team members. We believe that everyone has the potential to contribute unique and creative solutions to problems. Therefore, we encourage all team members to share their ideas and collaborate with their colleagues to drive progress and improvement. 

Flexible schedule

In our company and industry, we understand that being present in the market at the right time is critical for success. To support this, we offer flexible schedules to our team members so that they can work at the times that are most convenient for them and for the business. This allows us to maintain a healthy work-life balance for our team.


Supporting the professional development and growth of our team members is number one priority in our company. We believe that investing in our employees' careers is not only beneficial for them, but also for the overall success of the company. With a variety of learning and development opportunities for advancement they can ehance their trading knowledge with us.


We understand the importance of investing in trading capital in order to drive profit growth. We are committed to support our team members in their pursuit of success, and we will consider providing investment in trading capital as long as we believe that it will lead to improved results. Better trade, more capital.


Our office in Dubai is conveniently located in the heart of Business Bay, providing easy access to all of the amenities and resources that our team members need to be successful. The vibrant atmosphere of the office and being in a great location, with a supportive and collaborative culture, allows our team members to thrive and reach their full potential. We are committed to provide our team with the resources and support needs to make the best decisions for the company and drive success.

Our Team members

Crypto Trader
Mamur Bakhromov
Stock Trader
Abdunabi Shokirov
Crypto Trader
Eldorbek Sotvoldiev
Crypto Trader
Amir Oripov
Stock Trader
Ashik Rahman
Crypto Trader and Mentor
Luiz Cabral
Education Manager
Amna Ghanem
Marketing Manager
Sadriddin Abdurakhimov
Crypto Trader
Mustafo Hayitbaev
CEO and Founder
Muslihiddin Hayitbaev
Islamic Finance consultant
Dr Farrukh Habib

Available vacancies at HBS

Available vacancies